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Hi Rax I made you a mixtape!!!

IANADJ (I am not a DJ), so please forgive layman mistakes like rough song changes (I did my best though :<) and volume variation. I wrote notes on the different songs at the bottom of the page too.

I hope you like it ♥

(If you are not Rax, you're also welcome to take a listen??)





  1. Mother Mother - Heart Heavy
  2. S-C-U - Concon
  3. Death Cab for Cutie - No Room In Frame
  4. Anamanaguchi - Pop It (Instrumental)
  5. Bear Hands - Winner's Circle
  6. Foster the People - Best Friend
  7. Azealia Banks - Heavy Metal And Reflective
  8. Röyskopp - Happy Up Here
  9. Madeon - OK
  10. Børns - Fool
  11. Grimes - Kill V. Maim
  12. Yelle - Complétement Fou
  13. Sia - Move Your Body
  14. Kyuhyun - Wind
Bonus Track: Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses



01. Mother Mother - Heart Heavy

Of course there's a Mother Mother song in here, and of course it's the first track. I'm always thrilled that we share a love of this band. It was hard picking just one track to put on here (near choices were Wrecking Ball, Reaper Man, Free...every song they've ever made...) but I picked this one because it makes me think of you the most. If I remember right, I found this song years after I'd heard the rest of this album. I heard it for the first time and then immediately ran to show it to you and you hadn't heard it either. So this was a song that we first discovered together! Because of that I always think of you when I listen to it. Also that three part harmony, mmmyes.

02. S-C-U - Concon

Sorry not sorry this is from a rhythm game and is less than two minutes long

The cover art for this track is what I used as the cover for this mixtape! It is full of foxes, and that's part of why I picked this song over all the other songs from rhythm games' expansive discography. (People have drawn a lot of cute furries in response to this song, apparently.) It's also because this is a song that debuted in jubeat, that rhythm game I'm currently obsessed with, and which I think you'd like too. I think of you every time I play because the gameplay area is basically an easy mode launchpad.


03. Death Cab for Cutie - No Room In Frame

The first time I went up to visit you in Boston, I took an overnight train and slept most of the way. I woke up about 45 minutes out to a message from my friend, saying that Death Cab had put out a new album and why hadn't I listened to it yet!!! So I went to download it on the shitty train wifi. This is the first track on this album and it played as I watched the sun rising outside the train window, full of excitement over seeing you. Imagine the train full of politely quiet New England rush hour commuters doing their best to ignore each other, the rush of marshy flatlands outside the window, and me wiggling my feet with excitement because I'd be seeing you so soon. Every time I hear this song I remember that. ♥

04. Anamanaguchi - Pop It (Instrumental)

I know I spoiled this song for you like a year ago but I put it on your mixtape anyway!! This song just sounds like you, I don't know. I remember one time I saw a video of foxes at play and said that you give off that kind of feeling, a kind of stop-and-go syncopated bubbliness, a lowkey cleverness that twists and turns, and this song has that feeling too. I don't dislike the vocal version of this track but the instrumental version sounds more like you imo, so it's the one I put on this mixtape.

05. Bear Hands - Winner's Circle

"I think of you every time I hear this song" is getting to be a worn-out phrase, but!!! I would have included this song based on the strength of the first verse alone. This song has a sense of "optimism best demonstrated by gritting your teeth" that I think we both have a lot of. It's kind of a song about pyrrhic victory, kind of a song about surviving even though it takes everything out of you, kind of a song about nothing making sense but you're gamely here anyway, and like...same.

06. Foster the People - Best Friend

Because you're my best friend!!!! But also, this is the best song off of this album and some of the lyrics are just so good and I wanted you to listen to them ("I've been a spoken word / I've been a riverbed" just feels like you every time I hear it). Also I love groovy basslines and this is a good one.

07. Azealia Banks - Heavy Metal And Reflective

This song reminds me of CGR so much. Also this is another side of you that you have, or at least one that you front while in positions of authority (modding, DJing, working at a job)...that kind of supreme confidence that also invokes the word "bitch" a lot. Not like in a bad way?? In the way this song uses it. Also "heavy metal and reflective" is about the most postfurry title I could imagine so I think about that too every time I hear this track. This song invokes an image of cool invulnerability that you pull on sometimes.

08. Röyskopp - Happy Up Here

You probably know this song already because this band is old and famous but, again, I associate you with this kind of boppy sound. I really like the key changes (at least I think they're key changes? Tone changes, anyway). I first started listening to Royskopp when I was still in college, when we used to talk every day really early in the morning because you'd wake up ludicrously early for work and I'd wake up ludicrously early for clinical rotations...this band reminds me of a time when you were one of the biggest lights in my life, so I wanted to include a Royskopp song on this mix.

09. Madeon - OK

Are you really surprised that there's a lot of electronic music in here...I think you're the one who introduced me to Madeon actually! This song has such a good dancey vibe, and also like. OK! We will be OK somehow. We always are?? How is that a thing that keeps happening, it's kind of amazing, but also like! You will be okay I believe in you and love you tremendously. Keep going. Pretend this song is me cheering you on for three minutes.

10. Børns - Fool

This is a genderqueer artist who has a beautifully androgynous voice. I picked this track in particular because it has a Motown influnced sound. Music was one of the very first ways I learned to express affection, and I associate the Motown sound with that most of all.

10. Grimes - Kill V. Maim

I heard this song on the radio and yelled "IT'S RAX" in the car

Making this mixtape made me realize I associate you with a kind of squeaky sound...this track is the closest I could get to "something that sounds like Bis," and it has that "this sounds cute but also it's about murder" that defines your aesthetic imo. Please read the Genius notes about this song. It also is a song that reminds me of CGR!

11. Yelle - Complétement Fou

Sob I spoiled this track too but I'm gonna include it anyway because I do what I want, even when making gifts for friends. I talked to you a bit about this song irl, but whenever I hear this song it sounds so simple to me and like it begs to have other stuff mixed into it, and when I think of mixing songs I think of you, of course. Also the breakdown at the end of this song reminds me of how classical songs set up a base melody and then chop it up to make variations, and I associate you with classical music a lot.

12. Sia - Move Your Body

This is what it sounds like when you DJ!! Maybe that's a weird statement, but this song reminds me of your DJing, especially the line "I want to be a muse you can use" and...the entire chorus really. Every time I hear this song I remember you looking super cool behind your DJ equipment. Also this song is so fucking good to dance to. I like dancing to your sets because I like trying to have a nonverbal communication with you through music choices + dance response, and that's what this song is about.

13. Kyuhyun - Wind

Of course there's a k-pop track on here. Kyuhyun is my favorite k-pop singer and probably one of my favorite singers period, because his voice is so lovely. He was technically pretty bad as a singer when he first started, and one of the things that's so nice to me as a fan is that here you can hear how much better he's gotten...he has such deft phrasing and great voice control now.

I wanted to include a classical piece because (as I said earlier) I associate you with that too...and this one kind of incorporates classical plus k-pop plus a song that's just really beautiful. I remember when I was visiting you once I played you a song I wouldn't normally have shown you (Voice in my Throat) and you were like "Hey wait that's actually good." We tend to talk more about electronic stuff, but it made me want to include something different on this mixtape too. This song has a lovely melodic line and some understated, but technically difficult vocal techniques. K-pop is known for loud borderline-awful techno nonsense, but also, I never liked ballads until I started to listen to k-pop. It's full of gems like this.

Bonus Track: Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

I couldn't stop myself from including a song called Ulysses made by a band from Ireland on a mixtape for you, you're welcome