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A small experiment. I wrote this in poetry format and then removed most of the line breaks to return it to fic form. I wanted to see how it affected the flow of the writing, seeing it presented differently as I worked on it. Besides that, I have no idea what this fic is trying to say. What does it say to you?

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These are Falkner's scenes. I've added a bit more context because I felt like it was important. I would...actually love to work with you on a few other scenes to make it more mixed-media, big-bang-like, but crying, idk. You're busy and I am too.

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THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT. I have a theory that this fic, originally written by [livejournal.com profile] gyzym over HERE, can be find-and-replace'd into a Red/Green Pokémon fic.

The result is something that reads like a real world/pokemon world fusion AU where the implications of Red's relationship with Team Rocket are fascinating and maybe a little unsettling. Green mostly remains the same.

Changes: a lot actually, but since no one will read this I will not bother to mark them; basically, any overt Pokémon references used to be Inception once, before I changed them.

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